Pre Columbian Images in a Postmodern World

As a native of Colombia, I’ve always found Pre Columbian art and artifacts to be fascinating. Working as a graphic designer and a fine artist simultaneously, I began to translate ancient images into digital compositions. These 2-dimensional compositions use pure color fields, with the colors taken from modern environments. I specifically use colors that modern people find to be calming or beneficial when integrated into their work and living spaces.  I am bringing the ancient in to the future, carrying forgotten images on for the use and enjoyment of new generations. I am also reclaiming these images from museums and dusty textbooks and reincorporating them in to everyday life, like they once existed many years ago. I am also linking cultures. The ancient art that inspires me has deep significance in Latin American Culture, but by translating it into a modern, digital form its universal truths become more apparent.

Composition XIV | 2018
Composition XIII | 2018
Composition XII | 2017
Composition XI | 2015
Composition XI | 2015
Compositon X | 2015
Composition X | 2015
Composition IX | 2015
Composition VIII | 2015
Composition VIII | 2015
Composition VII | 2018


Composition VI | 2015
Composition V
Composition V | 2015
Composition IV | 2014
Composition III
Composition III | 2013
Composition II
Composition II | 2013
Composition I
Composition I | 2013


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