Power to the Polls


My work #democracyispower was one of the artworks selected by the curatorial team of Power to the Polls –among those actress America Ferrera and artist Shepard Fairey

You can download #democracyispower and many others for free! Check out the Amplifier Foundation website. 💫🎉💪👇
Queridos amigos mi afiche #democracyispower “democracia es poder” y muchos más se puede bajar e imprimir gratis!! Mira la página web de Amplifier Foundation. 💫🎉💪👇
Power To the Polls is a touring public art campaign in collaboration with the Women’s March to inspire people from around the country to take to the polls for the 2018 Midterm Elections! Free posters are being distributed throughout the country, distribution points are located at http://bit.ly/AMPLIFIERPTTP. Also consider supporting Amplifier Foundation by donating or purchasing their merchandise. #PowerToThePolls #AmplifierArt #womensmarch